Do you want to show your appreciation to your employees?


Implementing an Employee Wellness Massage service into your business is one of the best employee benefits you can have!

  • Do your employees complain of neck, shoulder or back pain?
    Help them to ease their discomfort!

  • Do you want your office to come alive with EXCITEMENT?
    Then consider 10-20 minute chair massages for your staff and notice the difference in your staff! 

***Due to Covid, we require everyone to complete a covid-19 liability form. Please let us know if you have tested positive or been exposed to someone who has tested positive. If you have any questions please call us at 615-689-7513.

Are you wanting to have an office appreciation day for your employees but are unable to because of covid? Why not purchase a gift card for a massage? Your staff will feel appreciative!

Problems We Solve with Massage​​

Lowers Stress

A 15-20 minute massages helps lower stress by 85% and reduce the amount of sick days taken by the employees

Increase Focus & Morale

Nothing boosts an employee like a regular massage!

Reduce Injuries

Regular massages keep you healthy and injury free

Improves Productivity

With regular massages, employees will be able to produce more

Decrease Absenteeism

By getting massages employees will not be calling in sick, loosing productivity time and costing you more money

Improves Company Health

By providing monthly chair massages you show your employees you care about their health and well - being

We are now offering pain relief goody bags!!

Each goody bag includes:

  • A massage gift card (you choose dollar amount)

  • Peppermint sugar foot scrub

  • Chocolates

  • A personalized card to write a message

** All goody bags are customized to you and your staff

This is a great way to show your appreciation to your staff or to celebrate a special event at your business.. We can deliver these to your office. To order your gift bags call us at 615-689-7513 or send us an email at

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